In 2007, Tan Nhat Huong was known as the very first bakery cream manufacturer that run by a Vietnamese entrepreneur . With the state of art technology transferred from F.B.Ice Holland corporation, Tan Nhat Huong’s factory obtains the food safety certificate ISO 22000:2018 ( ISO 9001,HACCP, GMP) in the same year.

From that attestation, TNH has released many new dairy and non-dairy cream line with specific tasty flavour such as banana , chocolate or guava, the reliability as well as a lot of superior functions in one product. In sum up,TNH has contributed a lot for bakery industry which is very competitive in Vietnam. Silver whip, Golden Peak, Snowhip or Creamywhip are best selling products not only in local country but also in foreign countries like Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Taiwan,Indonesia,… We provide customers with four main categories of products: Non Dairy Topping Cream, Frozen Tart, Frozen Macaron, Premixed




Cake shop systems: Tour Les Jours, ABC Bakery, … At the same time, the company’s products are also present in supermarket systems: Co.op Mart, Metro … And over 5000 cake shops nationwide.


Not only being loved and accepted by the domestic market, the market is also expanded when the products are exported to countries such as South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Peru, Nigeria …



By listening and understanding their customers, Nhat Huong always seeks solutions to support customers through the most practical and effective methods, helping customers access new and unique cake models, the latest sweet trends of the pastry industry through seminars, sharing sessions, and Let’s Bake classes that are continuously organized and always receive enthusiastic participation from customers. Building a dynamic business image, integrating with the country’s economy, Nhat Huong actively participates in commercial promotion activities, annual exhibitions and trade fairs at home and abroad: Foodexpo, Vietfood & Beverage …


Baker’s Mart Nhat Huong – The Bakery Tools Supermarket:

With the advantage of producing cake decoration products, baking ingredients, and understanding the needs of customers in the bakery industry, Nhat Huong decided to invest in and develop the Baker’s Mart Nhat Huong – The Bakery Tools Supermarket. Established in 2011, with over 5,000 items including raw materials, baking equipment, and tools, the supermarket has 7 branches located in Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, and Hanoi, which are clear evidence of the trust and support of customers for Baker’s Mart Nhat Huong and Nhat Huong in general.


Nhat Huong BakerLove Training Center:

Currently, the bakery industry in countries around the world has become a rapidly developing industry. In Vietnam, the bakery industry is like a land full of potential, but it has not been fully explored and exploited. Realizing the opportunity for transformation in the bakery industry in our country, Nhat Huong with nearly 20 years of experience in supplying raw materials and machinery in the bakery industry, has established the Nhat Huong Bakery Love Vocational Training Center with full modern equipment and machinery, applying a model of both learning and practicing, with the support and advice of high-level experts, especially Mr. Wiet Camps – former principal of Rijnijssel School (the largest bakery and pastry school in the Netherlands).


Attending the training programs at the center, students not only receive valuable knowledge about the bakery industry but also are equipped with meticulous management skills, sales skills, marketing skills, food safety and hygiene knowledge, and a solid foundation for future bakers.

Every year, Nhat Huong successfully trains thousands of skilled bakers and many young people who have a passion for the bakery industry and desire to start their own bakery.


Nhat Huong Baker Love Training Center is proud to be the first professional bakery training center in Vietnam. With these successes, the center hopes to contribute to the development of the bakery industry in the future, as well as raise the position of the Vietnamese bakery industry on the world map. The appearance of milk tea shops, take-away coffee shops, and the increasing demand for training in beverage making and opening shops, the center continues to offer specialized classes in making milk tea, barista, and bartender training from basic to advanced levels. With enthusiasm, quality, and a team of experienced teachers, Nhat Huong hopes that the Nhat Huong Baker Love Training Center will be trusted and become the top choice for businesses and students who have a passion for and want to develop the bakery and beverage industry in Vietnam.

Bartenders’ Mart Nhất Hương – The Best Bar-Cafe Equipment Superstore:

Following the success of Baker’s Mart Nhất Hương – the top-notch bakery equipment superstore, and Baker Love – Nhất Hương’s baking training center, Nhất Hương continues to introduce and expand the Bartenders’ Mart Nhất Hương system – the bar-cafe equipment superstore. As a reputable destination providing ingredients, tools, and professional machines for bartenders, as well as unique decorative items for bars and coffee shops, Bartenders’ Mart Nhất Hương quickly gained a significant market share in the industry with 7 branches in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Binh Duong. It has also become an ideal destination for those who are interested in mixology, as well as professional baristas and bartenders. Nhất Hương believes that with good cooperation and a commitment to quality, Bartenders’ Mart Nhất Hương will also be a reliable partner and companion to customers in the field of mixology.