Dutch Recipe - Symbol Of Quality

Tân Nhất Hương – Dutch Recipe – Symbol Of Quality

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Dutch Recipe


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In 2011, Nhat Huong Bakery Vocational Training Center was founded with modern equipment and machinery. The Center applies practical learning models with con sulting and assistance from foreign experts, espescially from Mr. Wiet Camps, former rector of RIJNJSSEL- one of the largest institution that teaches baking and pastry making in Netherland.


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The Bartender and Barista Training Program at Bartender’s Mart Center is established accordingly to professional training, with well-equipped facililites, guaranteeing training quality to cater for all learners.

– Bubble Tea Training Courses
– Barista Primary Courses
– Advanced Latee Art Technique Courses
– Bartender Primary Courses

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Tan Nhat Huong is proud of being the first topping cream factory in Vietnam, marking a breakthrough and contributing to diversity of the compettive baking industry today.

Tan Nhat Huong Non-Dairy Topping Cream (namely Golden Peak, Silver Whip, Snowhip, Classy,..) are manufatured with technology from F.B.Ice Holland, which are suitable for cake decorations, icing….

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In 2010, Tan Nhat Huong launched the pre-mixed products, branding Fancy’s with excellent features: convenience for blending, better flavor and softeness compared to primitive formula.

– Chocolatte sponge cake premix
– Japanese Taiyaki cake premix
– Waffle Brussel premix
– Instant custard powder

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With nearly 8.000 items and outside the country baking supplies supermarket Baker’s Mart is now the ideal destination for baker’s as well as housewives, office ladies or even young people those want to pursure careers in baking.

Bakery Equipment: Cake stands, cake moulds, chocoalte moulds (meca, silicon,..),… Bakery Ingredientd: Non Dary Topping Creams, Food flavours and colors, Fillings,…

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Recognizing our customer’s growing demand of expanding their business on Café-Bakeries and also aiming to create favorable conditions for our customers in the Bakery and Beverage industry, in earl 2014, Nhat Huong officially starts to supply equipments, ingredients, utensils and unique decorative items for bakeries, bars, cafes, stylish restos…Electromechanical coffee grinders and handiwork coffee grinders,…

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